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The first private petrochemical maritime terminal in Mexico.
TEPEAL was created to solve a common problem: “just in time” (JIT) reception of raw materials. TEPEAL, which stands for “Petrochemical Terminal of Altamira” in the Spanish word-order, began operations in July 1989, with its primary purpose being to manage the reception, warehousing and distribution of raw materials for the petrochemical plants of its partners.


Evolve to achieve synergy of the technical expertise of our employees technologically advanced systems to support competitiveness, the spirit of service, innovation, safety and security of our processes generating value to customers.



Terminal Petroquimica Altamira is a leader company in their field of expertise and committed with the environment; was created to receive, to store and to distribute the main raw materials of our partners, through:

  • Means to assure added value for them.

  • The commitment to continuous improvement of all personnel who work there.

  • Continual review of internal processes and better management practices.



Exceeding the expectations of our partners, contributors and community based on the dedication, reliability, focus on common goals and teamwork.

We seek to continually drive innovation in our internal processes to generate a positive impact on the level of service to our members.

We are commited to being an actor ethical, honest and reliable, whichs actos appropiate and respectful manner with his collages.

Focus on results
We seek value creatin and offer positive results with a growth sustained.

The safety and security of our peope and facilities are our priority. We strive to ensure NOT impact on the enviroment.








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